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JP PHP Mailer

JP PHP Mailer

Attach any file or fud link | Send in Bulk | Sending status | In JP PHP Mailer customer support also available

Best for SMS Spamming

JP PHP Mailer Features

  • Blazing Fast Speed Mailer
  • .JP Dedicated Server
  • Type Message Letter in HTML /Plain
  • Add subject
  • Attach any File or fud link
  • Send in Bulk
  • Sending Status
  • Dedicated Server Mailer
  • Customer support

JP PHP Mailer

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New SMS Sender

New SMS Sender:

Number Verifier | Complete Number | Check Number Validity Status | In New SMS Sender You Can Get Complete SMS Report

New SMS Sender Features:

  • Deliver SMS Australia,UK and USA
  • Number verifier
  • Verify Number first
  • Complete Number details
  • Country Name
  • Network
  • Check Number Validity Status
  • Lookup outcome Message
  • Add Numbers in Bulk
  • Attach any Fud Link in SMS
  • Save your message and send All verified number list
  • Complete SMS Report
  • Premium License 
  • Customer Support

New SMS Sender

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SMS Sender – Xleet Shop

SMS Sender


  • Simple and easy to use SMS Fud Bulk Texting Software
  • Send Fud links via SMS Sender 
  • Send SMS Anonymously
  • High-level importance and protection of your data
  • Complete SMS Messaging Solution
  • Use our  Best SMS API
  • Bulk SMS Sending Feature
  • Lifetime SMS Sender License Key and updates
  • Send any URL/Link 
  • Detailed delivery reports
  • Send long messages

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